Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dress to Impress!

DreSSing to ImPreSS!

I always heard this verse saying, you are what you dress = you are what you eat. I totally agree with this absolute mean saying. Here's some of the cool styles i've found while surfing. Accompanying the reading, here's a lovely song for you. Hope you enjoy it!

Hairstyles i like and pinned!

Something cool, swanky, stylish! 

Easy rolled up

Fish tail braid

That's something interesting and good to learn. 

Well a wrap up from head to toe :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Crash that "F"

For your information, "F" stands for Fats in this article. Crash that Fats you have in your body. What's your best weight loss plans? Losing weight but maintaining good health is key. Here's what i do:
1) Eat healthy - Fresh fruits and vegetables everyday. Fresh fruits excluding red apple, banana, mangoes as they are high sugar in content. I will rather opt for something citrus which will improve my bowels and also eliminate the fats out.
2) No deep-fry food - Yes, chips are tempting, especially nachos. But i will not let myself munch on anything that is deep fry. This improves your skin too!
3) Choose olive oil - Cook your meals with olive oil instead for a healthier living.
4) Exercising - Of course exercising is the way out. Jog every 3 times a week. Situps and yoga works!

For more information, check this blog out :

secret diet plan 


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Zara / Asos / Designer inspired clothes

We have more stocks coming in. Zara, Asos, Designer inspired clothings to die for! Shop with us now.

Rocco Barocco Inspired dress
Price: RM210
S(Bust: 80-88cm, Waist: 64cm-70cm, Hips: 92cm, Length: 132cm)
M(Bust: 84-90cm, Waist: 68-75cm, Hips: 96cm, Length: 134cm)

Julien Macdonald Inspired Spring Jumpsuit
Price: RM180
S(Bust: 72-88cm, Waist: 90cm, Hips: 98cm, Length: 119cm)
M(Bust: 76-94cm, Waist: 94cm, Hips: 102cm, Length: 121cm)

Peplum Skirt
Price: RM130
S(Waist: 70cm, Hips: 86cm, Length: 45cm)
M(waist: 74cm, Hips: 90cm, Length: 47cm)
L(Waist: 78cm, Hips: 94cm, Length: 49cm)

Zara Jeans Printed Sleeves Shirt
Price: RM99
S(Bust; 94cm, Shoulder: 36cm, Length: 65cm)
M(Bust; 98cm Shoulder: 37cm, Length: 66cm)
L(Bust: 100cm, Shoulder: 38cm, Length: 67cm)

Yigal Azrouel Spring Inspired Dress
Price: RM200
S(Bust: 82-85cm, Waist: 66cm, Length: 133cm)
M(Bust: 86-92cm, Waist: 70cm, Length: 135cm)

H&M Conscious Collection - Floral Printed Peplum Top
Price: RM99
34(Bust: 84cm Shoulder: 36cm, Length: 55cm)
36(Bust: 88cm Shoulder: 37cm, Length: 56cm)
38(Bust: 92cm Shoulder: 38cm Length: 57cm)

Zara Pattern Blazer (colour: Yellow, White & Black)
Price: RM130
S(Bust: 82cm, Shoulder: 34cm, Length: 45cm)
M(Bust: 84cm, Shoulder: 35cm, Length: 46cm)
L(Bust: 86cm, Shoulder: 36cm, Length: 47cm)

 Jean Pierre Braganza Inspired Spring Dress
Price: RM180
S(Bust: 78-87cm, Waist: 70cm)
M(Bust: 82-92cm, Waist: 74cm)

 Asos Spring Summer Inspired
Price: RM120
S(Bust: 84-88cm Waist: 70cm, Hips: 89cm, Length: 80cm)
M(Bust: 88-92cm waist: 74cm, Hips: 93cm, Length: 82cm)
J.Mendel Spring Inspired dress
Price: RM185
S(Bust: 78-87cm, Waist: 70cm)
M(Bust: 82-92cm, Waist: 74cm)

Math Spring Inspired Top (colour as shown)
Price: RM 92
Size: Free Size (Fits: Bust: 90cm, Shoulder: 35cm, Length: 58cm)

Barbara Spring Inspired
Price: RM80
Size: Free Size

Alice + Olivia Spring 2012 Inspired Dress
Price: RM200
S(Bust: 79-86cm, Waist: 64-70cm, Hips: 90cm, Length: 82cm)
M(Bust: 83-90cm, Waist: 68-76cm, Hips: 96cm ,Length: 84cm)

Zara Pale Floral Printed Trousers
Price: RM130
S(Waist: 72cm, Thighs: 36cm, Small thighs: 32cm)
M(Waist: 75cm Thighs: 40cm Small Thighs: 34cm)
L(Waist: 78cm Thighs: 40cm Small Thighs: 36cm)

Halston Heritage Spring/Summer Inspired Jumpsuit
Price: RM200
S(Bust: 58-87cm, Waist: 70cm, Hips: 92cm, Length: 124cm)
M(Bust: 62-92cm, Waist: 74cm, Hips: 96cm, Length: 126cm)

Pleated Trousers
Price: RM125
S(Waist: 68cm, Thighs: 80cm)
M(Waist: 70cm Thighs: 82cm)
L(Waist: 72cm Thighs: 86cm)
XL(Waist: 74cm Thighs: 88cm)

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